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Our Classes & Groups

Here at Calvary Baptist Church of  Warren, AR we are blessed to offer Sunday school classes and groups for all ages. 

Listed below are a few of the classes and groups we have within our church:

(if you have questions on any of our classes and groups,

please call us at (870) 226-5422 or email at

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BOB - 
Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers meet each Sunday at 5:00pm

BOB is open to all age men to come together, fellowship, build relationship with other men in the church, and strengthen their relationship in Christ!

Working Women of Calvary

Working Women of Calvary meet the first Monday of each month at 6:00pm. 

WWOC is open to all age women to come together, fellowship, build relationship with other women in the church, and serve the community!

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Youth Group

The Youth Group meets each Sunday at 9:45am and each Wednesday at 6:00pm. 

Youth Group is for those in 7th Grade - 12th Grade where they have the opportunity to create relationships with other individuals in youth and most importantly, strengthen their relationship in Christ!


College & Career Class

The College & Career Class meet each Sunday morning at 9:45am for Sunday school.

The College & Career Class accepts all young adults from those who have just graduated high school to those finding their way in their career. 

Along with weekly Sunday school classes, there are planned fellowship opportunities to grow together in Christ, strengthen relationships and friendships with other members of the class. 


SOS - 
Seeking Our Savior

Seeking Our Savior is our Wednesday night children's program, which meets each Wednesday at 6:00pm (while school is in session). 

SOS is for children in Pre-k through 6th grade, where children will learn the basis of having a relationship with Christ and how to strengthen that relationship each week.

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